Sow for yourself righteousness, reap the fruit of steadfast love; break up your fallow ground, for it is the time to seek the Lord, that He may come and rain salvation upon you (Hosea 10:12).

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

De profundis

(for H., to let you know we love you, from the bottom to the top, and inside out, and even beyond  …)

De profundis

most talented
and wanted
with your golden smile

sometimes so shy
so silent and sad
locked in between walls
you build for protection
and behind the mask
you hide yourself

once you were made
preciously formed
from the depths of human love
and the special breath of God

made in heaven


from your birth
you were fed
with food and caring and love

you learned to listen and speak
and growed up to learn
reaching out to pray
looking further than beyond
what you can see

from the depth
of your soul
from the bottom
of your thougths
from the top
of your feelings
from the reaching out
of your possibilities
you are you
and beautiful


but now in your life
a period has come
of sickness
mixed with feelings
questions and thoughts
worrying and confusion

you’re in a dark valley
the shadows of brokenness
all around you
deep down inside
the doubts
about the future
your life
and God

the top of the mountain
so high and so far
prayers and questions
are flying away
to nowhere ….


but baby
take a better look
take a deep breath
hold on
be bold
be strong

from the top
of the mountains
the streams come down

from the fountain of life
living and life-giving water

till it ends at last
in the sea of dreams
of yearning and love

you don’t have to climb
all the way up
to this fountain on the top
it is sending the blessings
right down to you
here in the valley
of the shadows 
of sickness and struggling
deep in the sadness
of your crying heart

pray and wait


take your roots deep down
and drink from this water
that will surely come
and the fruits will grow
and you life will blossom
once again

hold on to love
look out for hope
struggle for life
long for the One
who gives these jewels
one day at a time

kneel down to meet your Maker
He went deeper than all of us
once and for all

He is your hope
for better times
your strength for today

He is sending messages
be silent, listen and try to understand

He is sending other people
to help and reach out
please let them in


open up like a flower
alongside the river
be a stone in the middle
strong and smooth
embrace the drops
that were sent to you
accept the love
that others pass through

walk down the river
day by day
your eyes on the water
your thougths on the fountain
your feelings controlled
by the power of your will

your goal is the sea


this great and powerful and endless sea
one day will meet the fountain of life
tears will be gone
and love will be
all around

that is the day
this valley will end
the mountain comes down
and the river goes up

amen for sure
for you and for all
life will be love
for evermore


until then
you and I must pray 
that love
will make you stronger
again and always
all day long
every sanctified moment
of every day
every fiber of your body
every corner of your soul

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